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Title: ‘Sorry No Quarry’ – an update

After countless public meetings about these monstrous quarry plans proposed by Sibelco and Norfolk County Council, are we any closer to stopping it dead in its tracks, before it goes to planning?

Well, the short answer is no.

But, there’s always hope and if the sites do go to planning we will fight until the bitter end. Because when you’ve a group of determined passionate locals fighting hard to not let these two sites happen, incredible things can and will happen. There are complaints afoot to the Norfolk County Council and recently Rt Hon MP Liz Truss, said at the recent meeting in Marham Village Hall, that ‘if there is no local support then it shouldn’t go ahead.’ She also went on to add that this quarry has ‘major implications to the area’ and therefore needs to be properly handled and she’s personally promised to look into why the recent public consultation has been so poorly managed.

Just one of the many concerns CATSS (Campaigners Against Two Silica Sites) are seeking answers to, is how can the Norfolk County Council (NCC) justify only sending letters out to 10 households? A letter so poorly articulated that any reasonable person would struggle to understand its key messages, and without the efforts of a few dedicated residents alerting and assisting others to make a response it is likely that this stage of the consultation would have passed without objection.

Equally, what were the NCC thinking when they put forward The Warren in Shouldham as an ‘Area of Search’ for Silica Sand, which effectively would destroy a natural woodland used recreationally everyday by hundreds of families, walkers, riders, cyclists, runners, nature lovers. Not to mention the devastation to the natural habitats.

And what about the Archaeological impact on the area – Pentney Abbey / Shouldham Priory, ancient tunnels are linked underground…

The MOD also commented it should be dry quarried but just think of the impact and
infrastructure this would require. New roads, monster size HGV’s thundering through our villages (shuddering at the thought).

But yet, the Environmental Agency refuse to grant a de-watering license… and a wet quarry (as proposed by Sibelco), could mean an increase in bird strikes. Not brilliant for RAF Marham currently home to several new F-35 £squillion planes. We certainly can’t put our service men and women under any further risk when they already do so much for our country.

Yet, there’s also the minor issue of a pipeline. The ‘finer detail’ as Mike Hurley from Sibelco said that they haven’t quite worked out the logistics for… Yes, that’s correct. Sibelco wish to pump and pipe the sand to their processing plant at Leziate. Just think of the impact laying a pipeline will have on our countryside and also how this could affect the River Nar (SSSI).

On a brighter note, the CATSS Action Group have plans to run informative surgeries so locals from surrounding communities can come and talk to us about their concerns and seek guidance on how best to object to these plans. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates for these. And you may have heard us on Radio Norfolk on 1st November, along with Marham Parish Councillors.

New subscribers are signing up to the CATSS Facebook group every day, 353 and growing. And the online petition saying ‘No’ to the proposed two Silica Sand Extraction sites in Marham / Shouldham Warren is a whisker away from hitting 700 signatures.

One thing for sure is that only by uniting together we will stop these sites from happening. If you’d like to help in any way with advice, leaflet drop or you may know someone or you may be an expert in a way that could help, then do get in touch with

Tell as many people as you can about this Beast that wants to move in and trash our
beautiful countryside – please spread the news wide and far.

The next chance you’ll have to object is early February 201 9. In the meantime, we have got to keep fighting for our communities, countryside, health, wildlife, wellbeing and future generations.


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