The Council


Polite Notice to Residents

Marham Parish Council’s General Working Hours 9.00am–5.00pm Monday–Friday

Parish Councillors and the Clerk work tirelessly for their residents but cannot be on call 24 hours a day, as this can be disruptive and sometimes distressing.

Please respect the personal family commitments of Councillors and staff and try to avoid calling or visiting their homes before the hours of 9.00am and after 5.00pm and at weekends and on Bank Holidays.  These defined rules should only be broken if you feel your call or visit is of the utmost urgency and cannot wait until the next working day.

Parish Councillors are elected, but all are unpaid volunteers and their personal lives must take priority.  The Clerk, although employed, must also be shown consideration for privacy after working hours.


Tina Hawkins
14 Lime Close, PE33 9HN
01760 338670

Deputy Chairman
Paul Walsingham
Little Acorns, 2 Cottage Farm, The Street, PE33 9JQ
01760 339513

Inga-Lucy Barrett
3 Church View, PE33 9HW
07557 351911

Gerry Bucke
Normans Cottage, The Street, PE33 9JQ
01760 339544

Chris Child
The Marlowes, The Street, PE33 9JN
01760 444112

Tony Harrison
Partilyon, The Street, PE33 9JP
01760 337449

Dave Hawkins
14 Lime Close, PE33 9HN
01760 338670

Colin Heather
Holmedale House, The Street, PE33 9JN
01760 338878

Jane Hipperson
Kara-Lee, The Street, PE33 9JN
07795 175021

David Paisley
3 Waterworks Cottages, The Street, PE33 9JN
01760 337068

Elaine Rix-Clark
The New House, Church Lane, Marham PE33 9HZ
01760 337686

Parish Clerk
Mrs Sara Porter
The Old School House, High Street, Stoke Ferry, PE33 9SF
01366 502165

Bookings Officer/Caretaker (Contract)
Mr Alan Flatt
The Old Bakery, School Lane PE33 9JA
07527 261524

Borough Councillors
Geoffrey Hipperson
Melrose House, 10 Norwich Road, Shouldham, PE33 0DA
01366 387461

Mike Howland
52 Ryston Road, Denver, Downham Market, PE38 0DP
01366 387461

County Councillor
Graham Middleton
81 Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn, PE30 5LA
07946 309655

Member of Parliament
Rt Hon. Elizabeth Truss
House of Commons,  London, SW1A 0AA
01842 757345

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