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Be safe and be seen in winter

Be bright morning or night

Pedestrian road accidents are most likely to happen in  mornings and afternoons on winter week days.

As a pedestrian, jogger, dog walker or cyclist you may see the driver but they might not see you. Even during daylight, because the sun is low in winter, drivers might not be able to see you.

So as the nights draw in and the mornings get darker, we want to remind parents and children to be safe and be seen.

  • Make sure you’re visible to other road users and pedestrians.
  • Keep away from the kerb.
  • Wear bright or fluorescent clothing in daylight or poor light.
  • Wear reflective clothing at night; it shows up in car headlights. Fluorescent clothing is not so visible after dark.
  • Always use your lights when cycling after dark, in the rain or if the weather is overcast. Make sure your lights are working. It is illegal to ride a bike on the road with no lights after dark. White lights at the front and red at the rear.


Set a good example to children

  • Follow the Highway Code when you are walking or cycling.
  • Make sure your child can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather.
  • Keep children away from the kerb.
  • Teach your child to use their road sense and choose spaces where drivers can see them clearly if there are no crossings near by.
  • Explain to your child why it is helpful to wear something bright.
  • Sew reflective tape on your child’s coat or school bag to make them more visible. If you don’t have something reflective, they could wear or carry something white.



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