Sam 2 Speed camera


Over this past year you would have noticed the SAM2 speed camera located around the village. The speed camera has proved very valuable in gathering data on traffic that passes through the village.  It records every vehicle that passes through with speed recorded and time of day.

So why does our village need this camera?

Our village is home to all ages and abilities, from young children walking to school, RAF personnel running the village loop to more mature parishioners walking to the doctor’s surgery or bus.  The SAM2 speed camera is a reminder to drivers travelling through our linear village that the speed limit is 30 mph the whole length for a     reason.  I regularly see cars approaching the camera at above the posted speed   limit, and slow down once reminded their speed has ‘crept up’.

So what can the camera do for village apart from reminding drivers of their speed?

The data recorded is collated by the parish council trended and distributed to the Community Speedwatch and the Norfolk Constabulary.  The Community Speedwatch team have used this data to select when the prime time  speeders  travel through certain areas of the village. The team can then go out and target  persistent speeders.

Not many people drive over the speed limit do they?

The facts are alarming;

During the month of April some 17.5% of drivers were travelling over 40+ mph, in anyone’s book that’s speeding which will kill a person or child should and accident occur.  One speeding idiot (sorry for the profanity) on the 19th May even registered 70 mph.  If anyone in the village believes they witnessed this and can recall the time, please pass this information on to a member of the Community Speedwatch team or a member of the Parish Council.

Cars travelling over 35+ mph, which are liable for a fixed penalty fine and 3 points on the driver’s licence, was a staggering 48%.  That would mean every every other car that passes through the village is speeding.

Seeing facts like these,  please ask yourself the next time you plan to drive through the village ‘will driving over the speed limit of 30 mph really save that much time to your journey?’  The answer is No!  A saving of 1 to 2 minutes across the length of the village is not going to make any difference to your journey time, and will drastically reduce the risk to life in the event of an accident.

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