The Parish Council

The Parish Council has 11 Councillors, who are elected for a four-year period or until the next ordinary election. The Council meets each month in the Village Hall on Wednesdays but aims not to meet in August or December with meetings normally starting at 7.00pm.

In the main, Marham Parish Council deals with matters relating to the provision and maintenance of the Village Hall, Coronation Playing Field, Sports Pavilion, Multi Use Games Area, childrens’ play area and other open spaces, play equipment and signage, cemetery management and maintenance, closed churchyard management and maintenance, clearance of unadopted walkways and footpaths, street lighting maintenance, litter bins, grit bins, dog bins, public seats and other street furniture, allotments, editorial and delivery of the Proposed and Seconded magazine, social media, village events, land acquisition and sale of, legal matters in the interests of the public, traffic calming, planning consultation and general spending (in accordance with statutory law) deemed to be of direct benefit to the community.

The Parish Council does have a variety of powers and duties, all of which impact directly on the community. Because some services are not the responsibility of the Parish Council, there is an official procedure governing certain affairs. The Clerk of the Council’s responsibility is to carry out the policy decisions of the Council, provide guidance on matters relating to law and procedure and ensure financial transactions are authorised and recorded.

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