Councillors & The Clerk



Elaine Rix-Clark
01760 337686


Roger Allerton
[email protected]

Shayne Canham
07766 078123

Valerie Inder
[email protected]

Michael McIntyre
mike.marham[email protected]

Heather Pearson
[email protected]
01760 368192

Jim Hawkins
[email protected]
01760 338224

Ally Burrows


The Parish Council currently has 3 vacancies. If you are interested in applying please contact the Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Register of Interest
All Parish Councillors are required by law to complete a register of interests form to register:
– their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests; and
– the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests of their spouses or civil partners (or persons with whom they live in that capacity)

You can view the completed Register of Interest forms using the following link:

Parish Clerk

Mike Inder
[email protected]

Bookings Officer/Caretaker (Contract)
Mr Alan Flatt
The Old Bakery, School Lane PE33 9JA

Borough Councillors
Geoffrey Hipperson
01366 348277
[email protected]

Mike Howland
01366 387461
[email protected]

County Councillor
Jim Moriarty
07917 591668
[email protected]

Member of Parliament
Rt Hon. Elizabeth Truss
House of Commons,  London, SW1A 0AA
01842 757345
[email protected]

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