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On 2nd April 2020, the Government published The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020. These regulations came into force on 4th April 2020.

To enable the Parish Council to minimise disruption to the work of the Council, whilst Councillors are unable to attend meetings, a Scheme of Delegation was agreed in March 2020:

NALC Model Scheme of Delegation

  • Many (but not all) Council functions can be delegated to a Committee or to an officer.
  • Councils can provide for delegation to an officer any decision that must be made if the Council is incapacitated and unable to hold a meeting.
  • Blanket delegations are unsatisfactory and should be avoided.
  • Any delegation needs to be clear, specific and time-limited.
  • There should also be a requirement to publish any decisions taken under the delegated authority.

“In response to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK and in the event that it is not possible to convene a meeting of the Council in a reasonable time, the Clerk shall have delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the Council where such decision cannot reasonably be deferred and must be made in order to comply with a commercial or statutory deadline.  The delegation does not extend to matters expressly reserved to the Council in legislation or in its Standing Orders or Financial Regulations.  Any decisions made under this delegation must be recorded in writing and must be published in accordance with the relevant regulations.  This delegated authority ceases upon the first meeting of the Council after the Council meeting at which the delegation was put in place”.

Parish Council Scheme of Delegation Approved March 2020 (Covid-19)

The Local Government Act 1972, Section 101, gives a Parish Council the power to delegate decisions to a Committee or the Clerk, being the Council’s Proper Officer.

Urgent Decisions of Council

  • Urgent decisions required between scheduled meetings of the Council are delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman of the Council.
  • The Council delegates decisions to the Clerk in consultation with all Councillors. Consultation will be in writing by email.
  • Decisions made under this delegation will be reported to, and recorded in the minutes of, the next Council meeting.

The statutory audit deadlines for 2019/20 have been extended. This extension is for two months although it is likely that the Parish Council will be requesting an extension on this time period.

The Coronavirus Act, which the government introduced on 19 March, postpones any elections that were due to be held in May 2020 until 6 May 2021. Any other electoral events, such as the Council or Parliamentary By-Elections, will also be postponed until May 2021.

On 25th May 2020, the Government announced a series of dates for loosening the lockdown.  However, under the Coronavirus Act 2020, Councils are still not permitted to meet.

The decisions made to date have enabled the Parish Council to continue working during the National Covid-19 pandemic, and include a funding grant from Norfolk Community Foundation to help assist the volunteer Community Aid group which has and continues to help those in need in the village.  All decisions made by Councillors during this time have been in writing by email.

A summary of ‘Decisions for Ratification’ and a schedule of ongoing ‘Income and Expenditure’ expenses and receipts since the last Full Council meeting have been documented and will be formally ratified at the next Council meeting.


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