Dog Waste Bins

Dog waste bins are located in places that are on regular dog walker routes and in the village there are 7 in the locations shown below. In addition an 8th bin is planned for installation at the junction of Burnthouse Drove and The Street.

There are 13 dog waste bins, owned and managed by RAF Marham, around Upper Marham including the following useful locations: Burnthouse Dr (Pill box), Black top field x2, Fen Road at gate to the footpath to the Junior School, Oak Ave play area, Churchland Rd, and 3 around the perimeter fence.

The bins are regularly emptied by the Borough Council, if you find one that is full please contact the Parish Council Clerk.

In addition to dog waste bins, tied poo bags can be deposited litter bins and in your domestic black bin. There is no collection service for poo bags left in the street, verges, fences or posts and whilst some are brightly coloured they are not designed to act as tree ornaments at any time of the year! (If anyone can enlighten the rest of a bemused humanity as to why some think that this is good idea please let us know…) 

Current Dog Poo Bins
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