Village Amenities

Life Saver

If you have passed Donato’s Pizza and Kebab shop in the last month or so you may have spotted a large yellow box on the wall with a green sign above it.

In April Jo from Donato’s in conjunction with RAF Marham raised the money for a AED to be installed. (For those like me who did not know what that is, it stands for Automated External Defibrillator).

RAF Marham raised a majority of the funds required but Jo and her business contributed a huge £500, paid for the installation of the box which has to be heated for any cold weather as the batteries could discharge if allowed to get too cold and in addition she has agreed that the business will pay all running and maintenance costs.

Jo had decided after the untimely passing of her mother from a heart attack that in her mother’s memory she should do everything she could to help if anyone in our village should ever need help when suffering a heart attack. A plaque will be placed to commemorate her adjacent to the box.

We are also fortunate to have some dedicated First Aid trainers at RAF Marham who have and will continue if required to train anyone in the use of the AED. Training sessions have already started and I urge all, young and old to do the training as I know all too well that heart problems can affect people of all ages and I would feel terrible if my child or grandchild (god forbid), needed the AED and I was too stupid not to have done the training.

In the event of an emergency you phone 999 and if you require the use of the AED, the ambulance service will direct you to the box and give you the access code. Simply enter the code and open the box to access the AED but be aware the box is alarmed.

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